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Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Frustration Free Packaging

Portable Friction Mount
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Model: 010-10908-02
UPS: 753759098858
Package Quantity: 1

I think you will like that the product features this feature of compatible with n ü vi series gps navigators and street pilot c5xx series. Additional features consist of one-year limited warranty. The EAN barcode also known as the "International Article Number" for this navigation GPS is 0753759098858. The car GPS navigation system weighs approximately 3.33 lbs. For more information on this navigation GPS, visit the add to cart button.

Garmin and Amazon. It'll maintain everything in plain sight when you need it and out in the way when you don't. Learn a lot much more about Frustration-Free Packaging. com have teamed as a lot as provide this item in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging, a recyclable, easy-to-open alternative to traditional packaging. It's created to be opened with no the use of a box cutter or knife and will defend your product just as properly as traditional packaging. This item ships in its personal box, with out the need to have for an extra shipping box. A Frustration-Free Package comes with no wire ties, hard plastic"clamshell"casings, and plastic bindings. Products in Frustration-Free Packaging are exactly the same--we've just streamlined the packaging. Avoid the"wing around the windshield"syndrome that accompanies windshield mounts. Keep your nü vi in place with this portable friction mount. The arm attachment connects directly to your GPS device, and once you've adjusted it to your liking, locks into place.


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