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Magellan Leather Case For 4. 3- And 4. 7-INCH Gps

Leather Case For 4 3 And 4 7INCH


Model: AN0102SWXXX
UPS: 763357123296
Package Quantity: 1

Usually you will get more affordable prices by ordering on the net than you will in actual stores. Looking around for a vehicle GPS? Look into the Leather Case For 4. 3- And 4. 7-INCH a great car GPS navigation system manufactured by Magellan. The characteristics are 1470, 1475t, 4700, durable leather and stylish, form-fit design. The car GPS navigation system dimensions are 4"H x 4"L x 4"W. It weighs roughly 0.35 lbs, select the link below.


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